Girls: Any color leotard (except black) with skirt attached
Pink footed tights
Pink ballet shoes/black tap shoes


Girls: Any color (except black) leotard with skirt attached
Pink-footed tights
Pink leather ballet shoes/black tap shoes

Ballet Classes:

Girls: Level 1: Any color leotard (except black), skirt is allowed but no tutus
Level 2: Any color leotard (except black), with no skirt
Level 3, 4 & 5: Black leotard
Pink tights
Pink leather ballet shoes

Boys: All Levels: Black leggings, plain white t-shirt
Black leather ballet shoes

Jazz Classes:

Girls: Level 1: Any Color leotard (except black)
Level 2, 3, 4: Any Color leotard
Bare legs or tights with shorts or jazz type pants
Black jazz shoes

Boys: Fitted t-shirt/black pants
Black jazz shoes

Hip-Hop Classes:

Girls & Boys: Loose fitting pants (sweats or yoga style pants)
Loose fitting shirt (NO crop tops)
Shoes: Clean soled street tennis shoes

Contemporary Classes:

Girls: Any color leotard and conversion tights
Fitted shorts or leggings
Any fitted leggings/shorts with fitted top (NO crop tops)
Shoes: Capezio footies

Boys: Fitted t-shirt
Black leggings


Girls: Any color leotard
Black fitted leggings, jazz pants or shorts
Black tap shoes

Boys: Fitted t-shirt
Black fitted leggings, jazz pants or shorts
Black tap shoes