Community Outreach, Education and Responsibility are very important to A+ After School Dance. Our yearly Nutcracker attracts students from many different schools and many other dance studios. Every year we devote our Friday Nutcracker performance to CNUSD students, as well as private schools. This allows students from Corona-Norco to witness the art of dance by some of their peers and many other students, as well as being able to see guest artists perform. A+ After School Dance does not charge students or teachers for this yearly performance. We consider it our pleasure to bring the art of dance to the community.

We incorporate educational elements into our performances in different ways. The dancers learn about the composer and choreographer for the ballet they are performing, such as The Nutcracker. They also learn about the time frame when the piece was first performed and the costumes and customs of that era. When performing Earth Day celebration dances, the dancers learn many facts about endangered animals and plants that include the habitats and continents where they live. They speak before each dance and inform the audience about the endangered species they are  representing, as well as reasons that these animals and plants are endangered. They make suggestions as to how we can help the environment. After learning about reducing, reusing and recycling, one suggestion led to a successful fundraiser that paid for much of the bus fees for the entire school to see The Nutcracker performance at a high school theater.

Many of our students have done community service hours during rehearsal and performance times. They have learned responsibility and self-confidence by being ushers, costume organizers and lining up and sending groups to the stage on time. They acknowledge that working backstage is integral to the success of a show with tasks such as curtains and music. They have realized responsibility includes work, develops confidence and is great fun.